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Specialty Figure Skating Classes will include (see descriptions at bottom of this page):

  • Art on the Edge (AOTE)
  • Ice Dance
  • IJS Spins 
  • Power

  • 10 Specialty classes for $170! Save $3 per class!
  • Purchase HERE or through the "Multipass" tab in the Amilia store! (online payments only)
  • Checkout is quicker and easier with a Summer Class Pass!
  • Can be used for anyone on your account
  • Valid until August 31st 2024





  • All skaters are required to PRE-REGISTER for all classes and Open Freestyle sessions. (CLICK ON "SIGN UP NOW" BUTTON)
  • Registration MUST be made via the online portal or email. Late, in-person and paper registrations will not be possible.
  • Registration will open 30 days before the scheduled class/session
  • Cost of each Specialty class: $20, limit of 15 skaters per class
  • Cost of each Open Freestyle: $17, limit of 18 skaters per session
  • Registration will close 1 minute before the session is scheduled to take place.
  • If a class/session is full and you register for the "WAITLIST", you will automatically be notified via email if a space becomes available for you.
  • Once you have registered and paid, NO refunds will be given. 


ART ON THE EDGE: Intended for skaters from Basic 4 and up. This class is designed to help skaters master their edge control, flow, extension, power and presentation on the ice!

ICE DANCE: Learn pattern dances! Improve edges, knee and ankle bend, timing with music. Try something new! Ice Dance is growing in popularity around the world as a great way to improve your skating skill mark! Skaters must have passed Free Skate 1.

IJS SPINS (Basic and Features): This class is for skaters to improve their spins! We will break into 2 groups:

  • Basic: for skaters competing at Beginner through Preliminary, who need to master the basic spin positions (sit, camel, layback, back spin) and introduced to beginning level features.
  • Features: for skaters who compete at Preliminary through Novice IJS. Skaters will be introduced to different FEATURES they can do with their spins. Having a repertoire of different spins and features improves a skater's competitiveness and will help maximize their points when they compete in the IJS judging system. There can be more points in Spins than there can be in Jumps! 

POWER: This class is a great way build strength, speed, stamina, and technique on the ice. For skaters Basic 3 and up!


*Visit the Figure Skating Club of Madison website for information about Club Ice Sessions