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Open Freestyle

Figure skaters use these sessions to practice skating movements individually and to receive private lessons. Anyone not working on skills or engaging in horseplay will be asked to leave the ice.

  • The walk-on cost is $13 per session OR $110 for a 10 session punch card
    • Make checks payable to "MII"
    • CASH no longer accepted!
  • *Purchase a punch card ONLINE!*        (Scroll down for instructions)
  • ALL Punch cards have an expiration date: 
    • Punch cards will be good for a maximum of 13 months: March this year through April of following year.
    • Punch cards purchased through end of February of 2020 will expire April 30th of 2020
    • Punch cards purchased starting March 1 of 2020 will expire April 30th of 2021
Open Freestyle sessions are open to all figure skaters in Basic 4 and up (or under Basic 4 with a coach).

Click here for Open Freestyle Calendar


Open Freestyle Sign-In Procedure:

  1. BEFORE entering the ice, skater needs to write FIRST AND LAST NAME (legibly) on the clipboard next to the ice entrance and circle the payment method being used. If you have pre-purchased a punch card, that is all there is to it!

  2. If you are paying with a check, write check number on the clipboard next to skater's name and then place check in the plastic envelope under the sign-in sheets on the clipboard. (Cash no longer accepted)

  3. EARLY MORNINGS AND MONDAYS ONLY: there are is a TWO HOUR Open Freestyle sessions on early mornings and Mondays at MIA during the school year.  There is a special sign-in sheet and your skater will need to circle the amount of time they are skating: 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. 

But what if.....

  1. If the clipboard is not next to the ice or it is out of sheets, please ask one of the coaches or rink employees to help you.  DO NOT get onto the ice without signing in, unless told to do so by the staff.

  2. If you skate for any fraction of the whole hour (other than during the special 1/2 punch Monday session) you will be charged for the whole hour.

  3. If you are not sure how many punches you have left, please send an email to We will look at your card and get back to you as quick as we can. 

  4. If you arrive early, you may NOT get on the ice early.  This is especially true for Mondays: if you arrive at 2:50 for the 3:00 PM session, you MUST wait until 3:00 PM to get on the ice.  If your skater gets on early, they will be charged for the additional 1/2 punch session.

So what happens if my skater doesn't follow this procedure?

  • First warning: Verbal reminder and allowed to sign-in for the session

  • Second warning: Asked to leave ice and not return during same session

  • Third warning: charged 2 punches and asked to leave the ice during same session

Instructions for Purchasing Open Freestyle Punch Cards Online:

  • You MUST pay with a credit/debit card online: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express all accepted.
  • Click here to be taken to our Online Registration Page: This will open in a new window.
    • If you have previously registered for Learn-to-skate classes online, please log in with the same account information.
  • If you are a NEW user: Create an Account for your family. Click 'create account' on the top right, once you are on the Online Registration Page. 
    • Special Password Requirements: Between 8-16 characters, 1 alphabetic, 1 numeric, 1 special character (!@#^*-=), no spaces
    • ADD all of your Family Members to the same account.
  • If you are a RETURNING user: Login with the email and password you previously used. If you forgot your password, click 'login' and then 'forgot password' on the right hand side.
  • Your EMAIL address will serve as your login. Use the SAME email address for all future purchases/registrations. Please use an email that you use regularly as we will use this email to notify you when you are in need of a new punch card. 
  • Choose the 'Skating Class Registration' Tab. Select 'Open Freestyle Punch Card' on the left hand side.
    • Make sure you select the correct 'REGISTRANT' when registering for multiple family members.
    • You can purchase multiple punch cards or punch cards for different family members BEFORE checking out. From your 'shopping cart', you can click on 'Skating Class Registration' again on the top left to add another punch card. Your other punch cards will save in your shopping cart. 
  • A notice might pop up that says you are 'already enrolled in this class'. Please disregard this. 

After your Punch Card purchase is complete:

  • You will receive a confirmation and a receipt via email after your registration is complete. The body of the email will be regarding Learn-to-Skate classes, please disregard this and see the attachment for your Open Freestyle Punch Card receipt.
    • If you don't receive the confirmation email, please check you spam folder.
    • Make sure is in your contacts to avoid being marked as spam.
    • If you do not receive this email, your purchase was not completed. Please contact MII at
  • The rink staff will receive a notification of your purchase and will create your punch card. We keep your punch card in a safe place so you don't need to worry about losing it!
  • Once you have 1 or 2 punches left, you will receive an email to let you know it is time to purchase a new card. The email will include the link to purchasing a new card.
    • When purchasing subsequent cards, a notice might pop up that says you are 'already enrolled in this class'. Please disregard this. 
  • REMEMBER: Punch cards have an expiration date: Punch cards will be good for 1 year: March - April.  Punch cards purchased  through February of 2018 will expire April 30th of 2018. Punch cards purchased starting March 1 of 2018 will expire April 30th of 2019.
  • Email with questions.