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Virtual Off-Ice Training

No ice? No problem! 

Try one of our NEW! VIRTUAL OFF-ICE TRAINING classes!

Building skills and stamina off the ice is KEY to mastering skills on ice. Off-ice ensures skaters do no lose the progress they have already made while also perfecting their skills and safely learn new ones!

Classes will be taught via Zoom by High Level US Figure Skating Coaches and Madison Ice Diamond Synchro Coaches

Open to Skaters who have passed SS3/B1/Adult 1 or higher

(Skaters will be split into groups based on skating level the day of the class and a meeting link will be sent out by email)

Each 40-minute class is only $5.50!


Offering THREE different options! 

Jumps & Spins (Mondays 5:20-6:00 PM):

  • For all levels!
  • Build strength off the ice to progress on the ice!
  • Learn proper take-off and landing technique from bunny-hops to axel prep and beyond.
  • Will focus on teaching skaters the basics of jumps, jump rotation and spins.
  • Off-ice training gives skaters the ability to safely learn new jumps and spins before bringing them on the ice.

Intro to Synchro (Tuesdays 5:20-6:00 PM):

  • Learn the foundations of synchronized skating!
  • Off-ice strengthening for synchro is fundamental for performing on the ice.
  • Coaches will be covering basic formations for synchro including lines, pinwheels, circles, blocks and intersections.
  • Improve your footwork by learning proper crossover technique as well as beginner turns.
  • Coaches will help skaters enhance their power, flow and technique.

Stretching and Flexibility (Wednesdays 5:20-6:00 PM):

  • Stretching keeps muscles flexible, strong and healthy!
  • Stretching is extremely important for skating in order to maintain a range of motion in our joints.
  • Learn how to properly stretch the muscles we commonly use while skating.
  • Focus on stretches to enhance your lunges, spirals, bielman and 135s to bring your skating to the next level!