Q: I have a problem with my account that I created online. What do I do now?
A: Please send us an email at skatingschool@madisoniceinc.com or call us at 608-204-7606 with problem details so that we can assist you.
Q: What is included with the class fee?
A:  The fee you pay for class includes one 30-minute lesson once per week for the duration of the session.  Also included with this fee is the use of ice skates during your class and a pass for free admission and skate rental to several Public Skating events during the session for the skater to practice the skills learned in class.
Q: Are there any discounts?
A: We offer a multi-class discount or multi-person discount for each family within the same session of classes.  The first skater or class is full price, then each additional skater or class is $15 off. Up to 3 discounts allowed per family (total of $45). Please note that a family is defined as those persons living within one household, with the exception of non-custodial parents.  Non-custodial parents do qualify for the discount even if the child/children have a different address. Due to the extremely limited amount of skaters that we are allowed to have on the ice at this time, we are unable to continue offering this discount.
Q: What is the refund or credit policy?
A:  Refunds/credits are only given in cases of medical necessity once a doctor's note has been provided.  You will be given a refund/credit only for those classes not attended due to injury/illness/medical condition. 
  • All other circumstances will taken under review at managements discretion. If a refund is granted a portion will be retained as a registration fee.
  • In the event that a class session must be suspended/cancelled for any reason, a credit will be issued for $10 per class that was not able to be held.  No refunds will be given for any reason.
Q: We are currently taking classes but registration ends before the session is complete so I don't know if I or my child will pass to the next level.  What level should I register for?
A: We ask that you register for the level that you are currently enrolled in.  Your instructor will inform us at the end of the session what the next recommended level is and we will move you up automatically if you have passed.  You will receive an evaluation form from your instructor on the last day of class. 
Q: My child has never taken ice skating classes before.  What level should I sign him/her up for?
A:  If you or your child has never taken lessons before, please register for either Teddy Bear (age 2-4, with parent on-ice), Snowplow Sam 1 (age 4-6), Basic 1 (age 6-13) or Adult Beginner 1 (age 14+), depending on the age of the person taking the class.  
Q: But I/my child has been skating for a long time, although we have never taken a class.  Can't we skip the first level?
A: We still ask that so sign up for the first level for their age group (see answer above). If you/your child has some skating experience and can easily perform all of the required skills, the instructors will work with you/them to find a more appropriate level for you/them once classes have begun. Please note that parents can wear shoes on-ice with the Teddy Bear class ONLY.