Q: My child has never taken ice skating classes before.  What level should I sign him/her up for?
A:  If you or your child has never taken lessons before, please register for either Teddy Bear (age 2-4, with parent on-ice), Snowplow Sam 1 (age 4-6), Basic 1 (age 6-13) or Adult Beginner 1 (age 14+), depending on the age of the person taking the class. If you have some skating experience and can easily perform all of the required skills, the instructors will work with you to find a more appropriate level for you once classes have begun.
Q:  My child has skated several times and doesn’t fall.  Why do I need to sign him/her up for a beginning class?
A:  Ice skating is a sport where every skill learned at the beginning is one that develops into higher levels skills. Even if your skater has confidence on the ice, we need to make sure that he/she is able to perform the most basic of skills to a high level of ability.  By signing your skater up for the beginning classes we are better able to make sure they can perform all of the skills appropriately before moving to the next level.  If you or your child has some skating experience and can easily perform all of the required skills, the instructors will work with you to find a more appropriate level once classes have begun.
Q:  What level is my child?
A:  After you register for classes, we examine each student to make sure they are in the correct level based on age, experience, and mastery.  If you are trying to register for a session and forgot what level you/your child previously took, please send an email to skatingschool@madisoniceinc.com so we can check our records for you.
Q:  How can my skater develop faster?
A:  There are several ways to master skills! First, you can take advantage of the Public Skating Pass that you receive the first day of classes.  This pass includes free admission and skate rental to 1 public skate per week. Second, you can take additional classes, either another day of the class level you are already enrolled in, or if you are Basic 4 or above, consider taking one of our specialty classes like LTS Express or Jumps & Spins.  Please visit our Class Descriptions page for more details.
Q: How do I (or my child) advance to the next level?
A:  For each level, the students are required to master several required skills.  These skills are different for every level and are presented in a specific order so that skills learned this session can build on those skills learned in all previous sessions.  If you wish to know what is required for each level, the required skills are posted in the lobby near the class rosters. At the end of each session, you will be given an evaluation sheet which shows what skills your student has mastered and which skills still need improvement before moving onto the next level.  Some levels are more difficult than others and students will most likely take them more than once in order to truly master the skills.
Q: What documentation will I receive at the end of the session?
A:  On the final day of class, you will receive a completed evaluation form detailing which of the required skills you have mastered.  If you have mastered all of the skills required, you will advance to the next level and receive an embroidered patch with the level on it.  If you miss the final day of class, you will be able to pickup your evaluation form (and badge if applicable) in the Madison Ice Skating School office at Madison Ice Arena or by special arrangement.