Q:  How do I find my class each week?
A:  On the first night of classes, please check in at the registration table when you enter the rink.  You will receive an explanation of how to find your class at this time.  This first night, all beginning classes will meet their instructors off the ice, while most returning students will meet their instructors on the ice.  In general, you will need to find the student’s name on the roster board posted in the lobby by class; the paper color of the class title will correspond to the paper color where the skater’s will need to meet on the ice.  Younger skaters will also be given a name tag to use during classes; the paper of the name tag will also correspond to the paper color of the class on the ice.
Q: What time are classes held this session? Why do class times vary from session to session?
A:  Due to the large number of groups that use both Madison Ice Arena and Hartmeyer Ice Arena year round, the time of classes can change slightly from session to session.  Please refer to the registration information for each session for exact times of classes.
Q:  Is there class this week?
A:  While we try to have class every week, holidays, events at the rink and other scheduling conflicts mean that we have to skip some class days.  We take all of this into account BEFORE registration opens and the dates are clearly listed on the registration form.  All of the class dates are also listed on the confirmation email that you received after registering your skater(s).  You can also find these dates on our website by going to www.madisoniceinc.com/sessionschedules.
Q:  What is the make-up policy for the Learn-to-Skate classes? How do I schedule a make-up class?
A:  Our policy is that you are allowed ONE make-up class per session by attending another section of your currently enrolled class on a different day of classes. For example, if you miss a class on Monday, you can attend a class on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning.  In order to schedule a make-up class you need to fill out the absence form on our website (www.madisoniceinc.com/makeup) either before or within 24 hours after the missed class. Once we have received this information we will contact you with the details of how to find your make-up class.  Students who attempt to attend a make-up class without following these steps will not be allowed to skate. 
Q: I applied for a make-up class. Why didn't hear back right away?
A: Once you make your application, an email is sent to our office staff to notify them of the request.  We get MANY of these emails each week and try to keep up with completing them within 2 business days.  However, the staff is part time and does not monitor or reply to requests when they are not working; this means weekends, holidays and days off may delay the response.  Please do not expect to hear back about doing a Sunday make-up class if you make the request on Friday.  We will do our best but can only honor the requests as we have time.
Q: We are going to miss more than 1 class this session due to vacation/sports/business trip/etc, can I get a discount for these missed classes?
A:  We allow ONE make-up class per session without exceptions.  If you are going to miss more than one class, you will NOT be allowed additional make-ups and NO credit/refund/discount/proration will be given for the additional missed classes. Our instructors will be present and ready to teach your skater, whether your skater is present or not.
Q: The winter weather outside is really bad, will you cancel classes?
A:  Classes will only be cancelled if Madison Metro busses stop running due to weather.  Once bus service resumes, classes will continue as scheduled.  For example, if bus service is cancelled in the morning but resumes in time for evening classes, classes will be held as usual.  If management decides to close the rink due to hazardous weather, an announcement will be posted on the top of our website at www.madisoniceinc.com.
Q:  Do you only offer skating class during the winter?
A:  NO!  We offer skating class in 6-8 week sessions ALL YEAR round. Check out www.madisoniceinc.com/missgeneralinfo for more information on our general schedule.