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Our Facility Guidelines for operation during the Dane County Phase 2 re-opening are as follows and apply to ALL PARTICIPANTS:

  1. Everyone entering the facility MUST wear a mask or face covering
    1. Masks/face coverings are required at all times
    2. Anyone not wearing a mask/face covering will not be allowed to enter the building
    3. Masks will NOT be provided
  2. Groups skating will be limited to 10-25 participants as pre-approved by management
  3. PARTICIPANTS ONLY allowed in the building!
    1. MUST enter through the front door (main entrance) at Hartmeyer
    2. MUST leave the facility through one of the emergency exit doors nearest your changing area.
    3. Follow posted signs.
  4. ALL participants must be dropped off and picked up from their scheduled ice session.
    1. NO other patrons/parents will be allowed in the facility.
    2. Special exemptions may be made for skaters under 8 who require assistance with equipment or skates before/after session.
  5. Follow ALL social distancing markers throughout the facility and try to maintain social distance while in changing areas and while on the ice surface or player bench areas.
  6. Restroom facilities may not be available.  Please plan to make use of a restroom prior to arriving
  7. Please bring your own personal hydration bottles clearly marked with your name.
    1. Drinking fountains, water bottle filling stations, vending machines, and concessions will NOT be available at this time.
  8. Utilize hand cleaners, wash hands before arriving, and utilize cleaning products to wipe down areas you contact while at the facility.
  9. If you begin to experience any symptoms (i.e. fever, loss of taste/smell, body aches, new or worsening cough, etc) we ask that you stay home for 14 days from the start of symptoms.
  10. If you receive a positive test result, we strongly suggest that you let MII know so that we can anonymously inform the other people who may have come in contact with you.

Additional guidelines and restrictions are required depending on the type of group with which you are affiliated.  Please refer to specific user group/program guidelines we have posted below.  You are required to know the guidelines as they pertain to your group before arriving to the facility.

We are VERY excited to be able to serve our skating community again!  Please help us in making sure we keep moving forward by following guidelines and assisting our staff to provide a healthy facility for all.


Registration for the Fall 2020 Learn-to-skate program will begin on 9/2/20! We will be offering both on-ice and virtual classes.

The following guidelines will need to be followed during the Learn-to-skate session:

  • The office will remain closed during this time. Please make all inquiries and contacts via email to  

  • Registration MUST BE MADE VIA ONLINE REGISTRATION OR EMAIL. In-person and paper registrations will not be possible.

  • Enter the building NO EARLIER than 5 minutes prior to class start time.  Anyone arriving after the start of class will not be allowed to attend class.

  • Make-up classes will not be possible; no credits or refunds for missed classes will be allowed

  • Rental skates will be laid out for the skaters by instructors prior to the start of class time, if required.

  • Exit the rink within 5 minutes of class end time

  • Only one parent/guardian will be allowed in the building per family and we ask that the parent/guardian wait outside of the building while class is in session.  If this is not possible, ONE parent/guardian may be in the stands as long as social distancing protocols are followed (6 ft separation)

  • Skaters are REQUIRED to wear masks on the ice

  • Coaches will use a “hands off” approach to teaching for everyone's safety and will not be able to assist skaters in getting up off the ice.

  • Skaters may only put skates on in designated areas and must stay within marked areas while maintaining proper social distance. 

  • In the event that classes must be suspended/cancelled for any reason, a credit will be issued for $10 per class that was not able to be held.  No refunds will be given for any reason.


We are accepting ice reservation requests for groups that meet the Phase 2 guidelines we have established. 

If you are a hockey group, please be aware that no contact is a requirement by most governing bodies right now so keep that in mind. 

Hockey groups will be added to the ice schedule beginning June 1, reservations can be requested for full or half sheet rentals during Phase 2.


Club ice will only be available to 1st club members of the Figure Skating Club of Madison.  Please visit for more information and to contract ice times in advance.


There will be NO Public Skating or Open Hockey sessions at this time due to COVID-19 contact tracing requirements. 


Open Freestyle sessions MAY be added in early June. We anticipate that ADVANCE registration will be required for each individual session and that only CURRENT punch card holders will be allowed to participate. Please refer to our on-line calendar and for updated information.


Please refer to all guidelines communicated via your synchronized skating team.  At a minimum these will include: frequent hand washing, temperature checks, maintaining social distancing whenever possible, wearing masks while entering and leaving the building.

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