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Class Descriptions and Levels

** Are you NEW to skating classes? Please Register for Teddy Bear (2-4 years), Snowplow Sam 1 (4-6 years), Basic 1 (6-13 years) or Adult Beginner 1 (14+ years), depending on age. (See descriptions below)
** Currently enrolled in classes? Sign up for the SAME level for next session!  If you or your skater passes to the next level this session, we will move them to the correct level automatically!

Early Learning classes: Ages 2-6
Teddy Bear (parent/tot):  Ages 2-4:  Adult (wearing shoes) on ice with child learning through play.
Snowplow Sam 1, 2, 3, 4: For ages 4-6 focusing on fun, comfort and movement on ice with games, songs and toys. Student attends class without parent on ice. Skaters progress from one level to the next by passing required elements.

Basic Skills Classes: for Ages 6-13

Basic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6:  For ages 6-13. Skaters will learn a variety of basic skating skills, proper techniques and safety. Each level will introduce new skills which build on the skills they have already mastered, ensuring that class is never boring. 

Adult Skating Classes: Ages 14+

Adult Beginner 1, 2, 3:  For skaters who want to learn to skate for the first time or get help learning new skills.

Adult Advanced 4, 5, 6:  Advanced classes for skaters who have passed all Adult Beginner classes.  Refining figure skating skills and learning more advanced moves.

Hockey Skating Skills: Ages 5+

** MUST have passed Snowplow 4, Basic 1 or Adult Beginner 1 (or have previous hockey team experience) before enrolling in this class

Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4:  A basic skills track for skaters primarily interested in developing skills for hockey. Curriculum jointly developed by US Figure Skating and USA Hockey. Skaters must pass Snowplow 4 or Basic 1, or Adult 1 first. Wearing a helmet HIGHLY recommended; bike helmet/hockey helmet/winter sports helmet all ok.

Please note: this is a HOCKEY SKATING class only. Sticks and pucks will not be used.



Advanced Figure Skating Skills: Ages 6+

**Must have passed Basic 6 or Adult Advanced 6 to enroll

Pre Free Skate: For skater who have passed Basic 6, to develop figure skating skills.

Free Skate 1:  For skaters who have passed Pre Free Skate and are interested in developing figure skating skills.
Advanced Free Skate: For skaters who have passed Free Skate 1 and are interested in refining/developing advanced figure skating skills. Skills from all US Figure Skating Free Skate levels will be taught as part of this combined class.
Specialty Skating Classes: see description for requirements
** The following classes are offered during limited sessions depending on availability.  Please see the current class schedule to find out what is being offered each session.
Power Hockey:  60 minute class that offers more intense training for hockey players who want to improve their skating. Work will focus on speed, edge quality and control.  Offered in Spring, Summer and Fall sessions only. Skaters MUST wear full hockey gear (helmet, chest, shins, elbows, breezers, gloves) Open to skaters age 7+ who have at least 1 year of hockey team experience. Adults are also welcome!
LTS Express:  For skaters who have passed Basic 3 interested in learning and further developing figure skating skills. This class is 60 minutes long and focuses on proper jump and spinning technique, quality skating skills and introduction to an off-ice jump harness.
Intro to Synchronized Skating: For skaters in Basic 3 and up who are interested in skating with a team. Skaters will learn the basic formations for Synchro (line, pinwheel, circle, block and intersection), as well as work on footwork, power, and flow. For skaters interested in trying out for the Madison Ice Diamond Synchronized Skating Teams. Offered during Spring session(s) only.
Jumps and Spins: For skaters in Basic 4 and above who show a love for figure skating and a desire to learn new skating elements. We will focus on teaching skaters the basics of jumps, jump rotation and spins.  Offered during select sessions only.
Competition Prep Class: Each class includes 4 or 5 sessions of 30 minutes individual practice time with a coach. Skaters will learn a choreographed program to music that can be skated at a US Figure Skating sanctioned Basic Skills competition.
Art on the Edge: A supplementary class for figure skaters of any level (up through working on Juvenile MITF) that would like to develop stronger edges, extension, and presentation. See session schedule for days and times.
Art on the Edge PLUS: A supplementary class for figure skaters who have passed Juvenile MITF that would like to develop stronger edges, extension, and presentation. See session schedule for days and times.
Figure Skating Power: For skaters in Free Skate 1 and up who would like to improve their edge use, power, and stamina. Offered during summers only.

IJS SPINS (Basic and Features): This class is for skaters to improve their spins! Class will break into 2 groups:

  • Basic: for skaters competing at high beginner through pre-preliminary, who need to master the basic spin positions (sit, camel, layback, back spin) and introduced to beginning level features.
  • Features: for skaters who compete at Preliminary through Novice IJS. Skaters will be introduced to different FEATURES they can do with their spins. Having a repertoire of different spins and features improves a skater's competitiveness and will help maximize their points when they compete in the IJS judging system. There can be more points in Spins than there can be in Jumps!